Fun! That’s right we said it, Fun!


We at The 400 Cup understand that fun through sport is a cornerstone of our lives. Whether competition in a team environment is your passion or the recreational game of golf over the weekend, it all leads back to one factor, fun! The 400 Cup was created with this fun factor in mind using sport as our steppingstone to an amazing experience.


The original goal of The 400 Cup was to alleviate some of the frustration and emotional misery the 2020 Covid Pandemic has so graciously offered us.  Jon Varela, Neal Martin, and Sean Venedam started the business delivering hockey development programs in the hope to just “keep everyone moving”. Hockey tournaments evolved during this journey with the continued understanding that “the fun experience” is paramount and creating these memories will always be our focus.


In the future, our goal is to provide this same experience to as many sports as possible. We will look to partner with sporting groups, organizations, and businesses to continue this mission.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything it is how much we rely on sport to bring happiness into our lives. We have watched kids and adults suffer alike and we realize there is therapeutic benefits in exercise and competition.


In most sports there are winners and losers. Our goal at the 400 Cup is to never let winning and losing tarnish the experience. We will always aim to provide the fun and enjoyment we all need!


Fun! That’s right we said it, Fun!

Jonathan Varela



Jonathan is a Barrie resident and has the love for the game. With his strong background in sales and account management of over 15 years he helps the organization bring a more business-oriented point of view of maximize sales growth for our customers.


Career Details:

  • 10 years of Director of Sales & Business Development experience
  • 8 years of building Go To Market Strategies, developing & executing 
  • Graduate Seneca College of Marketing & Ecommerce sales 
  • Graduate of UofT Business Certificate Program 
  • Completed HTCP level 1 Certification